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Dernière Interview Youtube (en anglais) : Psychédéliques & Religions, Réalité & Conscience

Ma dernière interview est ICI, en anglais. Voici le programme des questions auxquelles je réponds, en rapport direct avec mon prochain livre à paraître 📖 :

  • What is the nature of the psychedelic experience ? Do we see reality the way we need to see it in order to survive ? How would you define or explain what is the ego ? Can art help us to connect to deeper or greater consciousness ? Is there a difference between the individual & universal "soul" ? Is there an intrisic meaning to human life ? Does digitalization bring us closer to the universal consciousness ? What role did psychedelics & entheogens play in religions ? What is the role of mythology and archetypes in our perception of the world ? What is the meaning behind religious fasting ? What is the influence of our diet in our perception of the world ? Where do dreams come from ? How do you conceptualize the relation between consciousness and subconsciousness ? How do you think breathing techniques like Wim Hof, or other exercises could bring up closer to a higher state of consciousness ? What if humans were not supposed to experiment enlightenment before death ?

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